About Emudah

Emudah boasts over 14,000 m2 of modern, professional warehouse space in the Deltamas Cikarang region, specializing in E-commerce business. This facility seamlessly integrates with Emudah's bespoke Order Fulfillment System. This system consists of two specialized subsystems: the Order Management System (OMS) and the Warehouse Management System (WMS), both specifically tailored for Indonesian E-commerce sellers. Emudah's WMS & OMS provide a seamless user experience, particularly with major Indonesian E-commerce platforms, such as Tokopedia, Shopee, LAZADA, Tik Tok, and primary courier agents like JNE & J&T, Sicepat, and LEX. This enables Indonesian E-commerce sellers to easily manage all online orders, inbound and outbound logistics, SKU inventories, warehousing, picking, packing, and tracking services via Emudah's singular system. Additionally, it facilitates the analysis and improvement of their fulfillment capabilities using real-time data, all aimed at boosting the profitability of their online businesses.


To simplify the process of conducting E-commerce business in Indonesia.


PT. Emudah Fulfillment Indonesia (hereafter referred to as "Emudah") was established in 2020 with the vision of simplifying the process of conducting E-commerce business in Indonesia.

Emudah remains dedicated to being a comprehensive E-commerce Order Fulfillment Solution provider for all E-commerce needs within the Indonesian market.


Emudah's E-commerce Order Fulfillment system serves all key E-commerce categories, including cosmetics, medicine, food, fashion, home-living, electronics, automotive, and others. We have successfully gained the trust of our entire customer base. Emudah has been providing excellent order fulfillment services to renowned Indonesian brands, such as Shopee's top-5 home-living brands, AONEZ & Freemir; the rapidly growing Indonesian cosmetics brand, "HerBaay"; the electronics brands INBEX & ECLE; the automotive brand "Mobeo"; and the fashion brand LEOS. On a single campaign day (12.12 2020), Emudah processed and delivered over 120,000 orders within 24 hours, effectively serving our trusted customers. Today, Emudah continually assists E-commerce sellers in enhancing their logistics and supply chain management, utilizing cutting-edge technology and practical experiences. Emudah will persist in aiding clients to improve their competitiveness and increase their E-commerce business profits. In the long run, Emudah is committed to creating sustainable value for E-commerce clients through innovative thinking and leading-edge technology.


To assist in generating increased profits for 100,000 E-commerce sellers.