Created on:2023-05-25 18:43

The Order Printing Process in Emudah Distribution Centre


The Order Printing Process in Emudah Distribution Centre


The order printing process refers to the printing of shipping label and picking task. The process can be outlined as follows:

1. Order Receipt: Orders are received through online platforms or integrated systems, and stored in the Emudah OMS.

2. Order Validation: The received orders are validated to ensure completeness and accuracy. This involves verifying customer information, checking product availability, and confirming payment details.

3. Order Prioritization: Orders are prioritized based on various factors, including inventory availability and SKU category (single or multiple SKU).

4. Shipping Label and Picking Task Generation: The system generates shipping labels and picking tasks for each order. The shipping labels contain the necessary information for shipping the package. The picking tasks provide information about the product SKU and location.

5. Printing Setup: The printing equipment and materials, such as label printers and paper rolls, are prepared for the printing process.

6. Printing Shipping Labels and Picking Tasks: The shipping labels and picking tasks are printed using the configured templates and formats to provide unique identifiers for tracking purposes.

7. Quality Control of Printed Labels: The printed shipping labels and picking tasks undergo a quality check to ensure accuracy and legibility.